Server Genius to Optimize Production on RDS

Connected Users Tracking Report

Last month, RDS-Tools released the most advanced version of Server Genius to date, introducing a whole new dimension to this monitoring tool for RDS. The enhanced functionalities of Server Genius 3.2 provide administrators with the keys to anticipate any issues that might harm production. Let's understand how Server Genius facilitates this difficult task.

Server Genius 3.2 integrates Remote Session Monitoring

The new release of Server Genius combines three major monitoring features.
They compile crucial data in relevant reports to give clear and accurate information about the server environment. This is exactly what project managers need to take the control of their production:

  • Server Monitoring reports
  • User Activity reports
  • Running Applications reports

Based on these reports, administrators can track user behavior, analyze activity and better define their needs. For instance, they can check application usage to observe activity peaks, application popularity and employee attendance. Server Genius creates smart and simple reports to analyze specific data and compare in detail the status before and after an incident. It gives access to statistics per day/week/months and allows administrators to check the performance evolution and various events over time. Whether it’s an expired license, overloaded server, failing website, saturated memory or simply a dissident employee, Server Genius has the power to track it and alert administrators.

More than a simple monitoring tool for RDS servers, Server Genius tracks every action taken and every application opened within remote sessions.

  • Connected Users Tracking Report: detects the time slots when employees are actually connected and working on their professional apps
  • Top Most Running Applications Tracking: shows the apps that are installed on a remote session, which ones are used most and which ones are absolutely never used.
  • Application Usage Audit Report: helps spread traffic by using load-balancing and optimizing IT resources.

Server Genius makes it easy to keep an eye on RDS infrastructure. By providing the right information on time, Administrators can better understand, predict and avoid any future issues related to RDS servers and websites. With Server Genius installed on their servers, organizations have the keys to make the best investment and management decisions to optimize production.

Server Genius 3.2 is a major release. Download and try it for free or apply the update file.

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