RDS-WebAccess 11.50 Optimizes Administration Tasks

Easily Customize RDS-Web Access Portal

The RDS-Tools development team has been working hard over the summer, and this month the software developer is rolling out its new RDS-WebAccess 11.50 release. This major update includes additions and enhancements for a super-efficient web Application Publisher that is both easy to manage and enjoyable to use. Here is an overview of what's new.

RDS-Tools releases this month an updated version of its full-web Remote Desktop application: RDS-WebAccess 11.50. This new release focuses on improving the Management tool and processes.

RDS-WebAccess 11.50 Simplifies the Jobs of RDS Administrators

1. RDS-WebAccess Updated in One Click

Since updating RDS-WebAccess must be done frequently due to active (and even pro-active) modifications based on innovations in the market, it’s important for it to be quick and easy.

The steps for applying updates have been ultra-simplified. The administrator only needs to check for updates directly from the AdminTool, and the application automatically does the rest:

  • Downloads the updaterelease.exe program
  • Checks the validity of the license
  • Runs the program from the download folder and applies it.

2. Easy Remote Session Settings Management

RDS-WebAccess includes hundreds of parameters for changing settings and customizing remote sessions. Administrators can easily restrict remote desktop usage, and apply any rule they wish to make their users' Web Portal compatible with their corporate values. In order to make these options more visible and accessible, the Session Management (GPO) code has been completely rewritten.

The goal is to make it easier for administrators to understand. For example, the Admin-Tool now offers pre-selected defaults for some parameters in order to simplify the administrator’s job.

RDS-WebAccess 11.50 Keeps Remote Connections in a Safe Place

1. Web Portal Login Adapted to User Parameters

The first session login has been improved to correspond exactly to the parameters applied by the administrator for each RDS-WebAccess user or group of users.  When a new user is created, and a single app is assigned, only that app will open with the first login on the Web Portal - same with the RemoteApp. The full desktop is displayed only when no specific application is assigned.

2. Remote Users Benefit From Full Protection in HTML5

The RDS-WebAccess kernel has been redesigned with the latest code to ensure optimal reliability and security. Additionally, the latest release of IE Edge is supported. This enables the use of third-party web services and allows the passing of SSL and HTTP traffic to third-party web servers. This is useful for customers who wish to stay with the Microsoft IIS server.

To maintain control over users’ environments and to receive the full protection of remote connections, administrators can also download RDS-Knight, the powerful RDP Security Tool specially designed by the RDS-Tools team. RDS-WebAccess 11.50 embeds the latest 2.0 version, which can be installed simultaneously or downloaded later from the Security Tab of the Admin-Tool.

RDS-Knight provides five strong measures to keep the RDS secure at all times. To learn more, visit https://www.rds-tools.com/rds-knight.

The download link is unchanged: http://dl-files.com/data followed by your setup program name

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Source: RDS-tools.com