RDS-Tools Publishes RDS-Knight's Video Part 4: Brute-Force Attack Defender

RDS-Knight Video Part4: Brute-Force Attacks Defender

RDS-Tools is thrilled to announce the fourth part of the video series realized with the help of SilverTree Studios that reveals everything you need to know about RDS-Knight; the new all-in-one RDS server security tool

One of the oldest forms of automated attacks is the Brute-Force attack, where password discovery is attempted by trying all combinations of letters and numbers to gain access to an account. Brute-Force attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and efficient, and have more often been using databases of known users and passwords stolen from various systems. Any web application, consumer or enterprise using a public web interface and a login is at risk for a Brute-Force attempt.

Install a Powerful Defender for Your Windows RDS Server

When a Windows server is publicly available on the internet, then there is a 100% chance that someone or something is constantly trying to break in, thousands of times per minute.

It is constantly assailed by hackers, network scanners and brute force robots who attempt to steal the user identification in order to access personal data or take control of his machine.

This can both hurt the security and consume vital resources for the server. The risk is even higher when the unaware user opens an RDS Session: robots scan open ports and try to steal his identification in order to log in.

To efficiently counter this threat, IT Administrators must install an anti-spyware program.

In this new video, Russel details the last of the 5 powerful protections covered by RDS-Knight software: The Brute-Force Attacks Defender.

RDS-Knight Effectively Protects RDS Server Against Malicious Attacks

RDS Knight is the right shield for user's passwords. It will protect your Windows Server from Brute-force in few clicks. By actively monitoring failed login attempts, RDS Knight blacklists IP addresses after several failures.

But don't worry. If one of your users has problems logging in, you can configure RDS Knight to white list his credentials.

Use RDS Knight to Fight Against Brute-Force.

By Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at RDS-Tools

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