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Server Genius is the new powerful tool to monitor RDS Servers at all time and get accurate reports about applications and data use. With this application, Administrators can easily manage their servers' environment from one single place and prevent any upcoming issues. Discover what makes the new 2.1 version of Server Genius an awesome solution for Remote Desktop supervision.

​​​Server Genius latest release is a powerful and scalable monitoring tool for RDS.

The Reporting and Monitoring solution offered by RDS-Tools for already two years has taken a jump into technical innovation. The program has been completely rewritten and modernized to provide easy to use, efficient and scalable tool for RDS Administrators who need to get precise and real-time follow-up of their network' situation.

The most noticeable change in this 2.1 version is obviously the look of the application, which know displays a simple and intuitive interface. This evolution is coming with a new brand name and logo: Server Genius, referring to its wide capabilities.

On a technical side, the greatest improvement relies in the possibility to monitor multiple servers at a time. The dashboard figures all the monitored servers in smart and colorful diagrams and graphics. It takes only a minute to read the data and get a clear understanding of the state of the under watch - network.

What are the advantages of this application compared to other monitoring tools?

Concretely, Server Genius 11.10 is unique for its solution: it is designed especially for RDS, and allows monitoring of several servers from a central place, with a single license!

That means that for an organization that has its headquarters in the US, but also activities in Europe and China, Server Genius makes it super easy to check everything in a snap. With one click, the Administrator can add his website hosted in Hong Kong; with another click, the one hosted in Dublin, and access all data gathered on the main dashboard from the "Server Management" tab.  

Plus, it gathers all useful and important stats regarding bandwidth consumption, network performance, license status and user behavior to compile it into optimized analytics. For instance, the 11.10 release includes a « network » graphic figuring the octets traffic per network card for each server. These reports are sent to Administrators in real-time by emails or pop-ups for an optimal responsiveness.

Thanks to the review of its back office, Server Genius is now able to automatically replicate any update on all the monitored RDS Servers.

Server Genius enhancement enables fast and frequent updates with more functionalities, so stay connected for the next release!

To download Server Genius 2.1, first uninstall your previous version and follow the link: .



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