Cyber Security at the Core of RDS-Tools' 2018 Development

RDS-Tools is busy closing the year 2018, which has been rich in improvements and technological innovations. Over the 12 months, RDS-Tools has significantly invested resources, time and its best developers' skills to provide worldwide the most useful and reliable cyber security tools every Windows server's Administrator 'Must Have.' Today they announce the general availability of RDS-Knight 3.5 ...

As 2018 is coming to an end, RDS-Tools' team is especially proud of its achievement with the unique and powerful RDS-Knight. Today they announce the general availability of RDS-Knight 3.5 and this is the opportunity to review 2018 best achievements and look ahead 2019 expected enhancements.

RDS-Knight installed on Windows Server is the Ultimate Servers’ Protection

What makes RDS-Knight such an amazing product? For every IT Managers and RDS’ user, it is for sure the secret security weapon to shield the Windows servers.

Organizations believe that using a proxy and a VPN makes their servers completely safe. They are mistaken and it becomes obvious as soon as they install RDS-Knight.

RDS-Knight reveals and fights cyber threats to protect business data integrity. RDS-Knight makes sure that no one inside or outside the network can access and damage important files. Acting like a vigilante, it watches servers to detect foreign spies, malicious bots and programs, as well as suspicious behaviors on remote sessions. It quickly spots attacks and automatically blocks them. In addition, it allows one to set a panel of restrictions for limiting internal risks when using RDS.

Offering up to six efficient security features, RDS-Knight is able to eliminate all dangers. 


HOMELAND PROTECTION: prevents foreign attackers to open a session


BRUTE-FORCE ATTACK DEFENDER: blacklists the offending IP addresses


WORKING HOURS RESTRICTION: prohibits users to connect at night


RANSOMWARE PROTECTION: Immediately stop data encrypting


ONE CLICK FOR KIOSK MODE: secures users’ environment


END-POINT DEVICE PROTECTION: restricts access per device


With RDS-Knight, Administrators finally have the proper tool to prevent cyber criminals from stealing sensitive data, taking control of their machine, or worse, corrupting their IT infrastructure.

In order to quickly demonstrate its limitless power, RDS-Tools has decided to deliver a free trial for 15 days which includes the Ultimate edition of RDS-Knight. The only requirement is to install it on a Windows system (even Windows 2019 is supported).

RDS-Knight integrated with Remote Desktop Service is delivering the perfect protection to enjoy advanced remote access and windows app virtualization solutions the safest way.

Administrators and users can take advantage of RDS options, GPO and System Management settings without worrying about their security: easy installation to install and to use, RDS-Knight is really the right answer to a serious matter.

RDS-Knight benefits from Major Innovations

2018 has been an intensive year in terms of developments for RDS-Tools, which mainly focused on RDS-Knight’s improvement. Getting close to the end of the year, it’s a good time for reminding the most impressive achievements completed during the past 12 months.

  • With the Release 1.8, RDS-Knight confirmed its full compatibility with all Windows OS: 32 and 64bits. RDS-Knight is running on all Windows versions including older and most recent releases: from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016. From Workstation to Server-based systems. From local servers to Cloud hosted architectures or VPS solutions. RDS-Knight is designed to become the one security tool for all possible deployment architecture.
  • With the Release 1.9, RDS-Knight achieved the complete integration of Brute-Force Attacks Defender: this feature is designed to block failed login attempts to Remote sessions.
  • With the Release 2.0, RDS-Knight is providing a new " Security Events' log." This new feature displays in real-time all actions performed by RDS-Knight to block attacks, by listing events as soon as they are resolved. It offers an easy way to double check the automatic implementation of each rule setting. Thus, RDS-Knight has turned into a real monitoring security tool, which under lights cyber threats and clearly shows the necessity and the efficiency of its protection. The Event’s log is also useful to investigate on an attack's origins, to discover weaknesses in the infrastructure and to improve day after day the security of RDS servers.
  • With the Release 3.0, RDS-Knight added the Ransomware protection, to efficiently DETECT, BLOCK and PREVENT ransomware attacks. It prevents business from catastrophic consequences by removing ransomware at an early stage.

And What about Server Genius?

Server Genius is a unique solution developed by RDS-Tools, providing monitoring and reporting for RDS servers. Server Genius tells you "Who has opened a session, Which Application was started and When it happened." Installed on your Servers, it captures all data and provides analytics about users’ activity and applications used on a Windows remote session. Then, it sends real-time alerts when a risky threshold is triggered. It is the perfect tool for all RDS Administrators seeking for a clear and reliable reporting of their RDS Servers’ environment.

Server Genius has also benefited from major investments in 2018:

  • With the release 2.1, Server Genius has been completely redesigned to offer a modern and easy-to-use Web Interface. This new dashboard enables better scalability and a whole new set of options. With its new prices range, it can now display multiple monitored servers within one single page for a quick overview of the production’s environment.
  • With the release 3.1, Server Genius has introduced its new «web server monitoring» feature. It gives Administrators the freedom to extend their RDS monitoring to their corporate web and doing so, to benefit from a single Dashboard for all kind of servers.
  • With the release 3.2, Server Genius has introduced one more powerful feature: the ability to monitor remote sessions. It adds reports about application usage and user’s behavior from the login to the logoff. With this new dimension, Server Genius becomes a comprehensive management tool for optimizing IT resources and analyzing production’s performances.
  •  With the release 3.5, Server Genius has included a new way to receive alerts, besides emails: browser pop-up notifications. This method highly reduces the reaction time by automatically displaying the critical information directly on the administrator’ screen.  

In 2019 RDS-Tools will sustain its R&D investment to enhance RDS-Knight and Server Genius. Enjoy Christmas Eve and stay tuned for the next releases! 

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