Industry: Client/Server Computing

Founded: 1996

With the emergence of DSL, cable, and fiber optic Internet communications, anyone can publish Windows applications and web-enable them to share legacy resources across their internal LAN or throughout the world via the web.

RDS Tools provides the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective tools available to assist you in exploiting the ever-increasing power and economy of today’s computing hardware.

One of our primary goals, ease-of-use, rises from our strong belief that any person, regardless of technical knowledge, should be able to deploy and execute existing applications remotely – without the need for a squadron of so-called “experts” or requiring expensive server-based architecture.

After investing nearly seven years of R&D developing our flagship products, RDS-Tools is today able to offer you 3 brand new technologies, essential tools to optimize your RDS/TSE servers deployment.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send us an e-mail at and we will be pleased to answer you.